The Oldest Car In The World That Still Runs Up For Sale

On August 19th, at Pebble Beach California, an unprecedented automobile auction will be taking place. The oldest functioning car in the world will be auctioned off by Gooding & Company. Built in 1884 in France, the four-wheel steam-powered De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux (aka La Marquis) was driven by the co-founder of the company, Count De Dion.

The vehicle is fueled by coal, wood and bits of paper and can reach a top speed of 38 miles per hour. The car had two previous owners since it was built with quite the lengthy resume. It covered a 19 mile course with an average speed of 26 miles per hour and was the winner of the first car race in 1888.

At an estimated value of somewhere between $1.5 - 2 million USD, our tip for the next owner: keep history where it belongs, in the past! Take care not to bring this thing out on the highway for a joyride. (pic via Gooding & Company)

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Via: CNN

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