Ferrari Dino Concept - Design Proposition

Based on various rumors that Ferrari’s planning to revive the Dino, 22-year-old CGI artist Urgur Sahin created his vision of how a modern interpretation of the legendary Ferrari should look like. While Urgur’s proposition stays true to the original design language of the classic Ferrari Dino, thanks to its more compact dimensions, the car feels more dynamic. However, in our opinion, it also looks less sensual compared to the original, but we’re not designers so just forget we said that.

Since we posted this article, we guess you’d also like to hear what we have to say about the “Dino rumors”. Well, put it this way; if the Dino is associated with the F430’s successor, then yes, these rumours could end up being true but if we’re talking about a "base" Ferrari aiming at Porsche's 911, then simply forget about it. Why make Ferrari less exclusive by broadening your clientele when you can do that with Maserati? -More pictures after the jump


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