Video: FBI Agents Crash A Plane On A Civilian Lamborghini Countach

Ever wake up and just know its going to be a bad day? Marlowe Treit, the proud owner of a flawless '85 Lamborghini Countach, should have listened to his intuition and stayed in bed on this day last spring when an airplane collided with his Lambo. The Cessna plane which was being driven by a trio of heartless FBI agents badly mangled the side of the vehicle. Marlowe had bought the Countach for himself as a 60th birthday present and had only put 200 miles on it. He estimates the crash did about $100,000 in damage and is filing a law suit for $105, 500 in damages on the grounds of negligence.

In my opinion, this was more than just negligence, this was simple stupidity! The three agents that were on a “familiarization flight” saw a small black sports car out the left side window dart from under the propeller and gushing fluid. Investigators said both failed "to maintain an adequate visual lookout and their failure to see and avoid one another". We ask how it is humanly possible to miss something like a Lamborghini on an airfield? First of all, what the heck was it doing there?!

Posted by Dani

Via: Oregonlive

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