Peugeot To Introduce 207 SW Outdoor & 207 SW RC In Frankfurt Show

Don’t you just love “small print”? As we were gazing at Peugeot’s latest detailed press release on the all-new 207 SW we discovered a “hidden” paragraph concerning the French carmaker’s intentions to broaden up the SW’s line-up with two new versions. These are: the sporty 207 SW RC equipped with the same PSA-BMW jointly developed 175Hp 1.6-liter turbo unit found in the 3d RC and the production version of the crossover concept “207 SW Outdoor”.

Since we found both versions extremely interesting we decided to make a few phone calls “here and there”. Our insider informed us that the 207 SW Outdoor and RC will make their public debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Show with sales starting in Europe this November. -Follow the jump for the abstract from the press release

“In the near future ...

Full of ambition, the 207 SW will make every effort to enlarge its potential customer base with a truly rich and diverse range:

The 207 SW “Outdoor”, an off road leisure vehicle ... a rugged, ‘versatile’ design with additional ground clearance - with a greatly accentuated perception of robustness....

The 207 SW “RC”, with a clearly stated sportiness -a spacious, “GT” design and powered by a 128 kW (175 bhp) engine, delivering 240 Nm of torque at 1600 rpm”

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