Survey Reveals That 9million British Motorists Don't Know Their Car

Nine million is the number of motorists in Britain that are utterly confused about their own vehicles. Well, that’s according to Green Flag break down specialists that conducted research regarded a driver’s knowledge about the car they drive. 30% of the country’s driving population admits they don’t know their way around their car, which is a basic skill that could reduce time waiting at the roadside if they ever broke down. The data collected was astonishing, yet sadly enough, sound about right.

Here were some of the findings:
  • 2.5 million drivers have no idea where to find the spare tire
  • One-in-six women drivers don’t know how to open their bonnet
  • One-in-five men wouldn’t know where to find their spark plugs
  • 13% don’t know how to fill up windscreen washers
  • over two million motorists wouldn’t recognize the low oil light if it flicked on
  • one million have no idea what the low fuel signal looks like (This must explain why the most common cause of breakdowns is NO FUEL!)
  • 15 million (44 per cent) don’t know how to attach leads for a jump start
  • Nearly ten million drivers don’t know their engine size

I decided to save the best for last, because just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, one-in-ten have no idea how old their car is. These stats are saddening not only because many of us spend so much time in our cars, but because most people just can’t tell their rear-end from their spark plugs. Green Flag should start an online tutorial. Link: Green Flag

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