Criminal Crashes Car In Lake After High Speed Chase!

Here at Carscoop, we love laughing at the expense of others, especially when people do really stupid things. We also really love high speed car chases that include a stolen vehicle, a few cops, and a criminal that just refuses to surrender. In the video you’ll see nothing will stop this man from getting away from the cops, not even a little body of water. This “Olympic swimmer” decided to jump in the lake his car crashed into thinking if he couldn’t out run the cops in a car, he could just swim away! You couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy after he was washed up onto shore falling into the face of two K-9 police dogs. I’m sure of one thing: No matter what this guy did, it won’t compare to the amount of trouble he’ll be in for this little adventure. -Watch the video after the jump

Posted by Dani

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