Ex-Cop Sells DVD That Teaches You How To Hide Pot In Your Car

If you’re one of “those” young or old folks that are always getting into trouble with the law this little DVD being sold by a former narcotics police office might be of some interest to you. Barry Cooper was considered among the top cops in Texas that took part in over 800 drug busts, seized more than more than 50 vehicles and $500,000 in cash and assets, and made a case against a local politician's son.

Considering himself an expert on the subject, Cooper has released the informative DVD titled “Never Get Busted Again.” The DVD is a guide that shows you how to stash pot in your car without getting caught. Some antics include stashing pot in car dashboards with nooks and crannies and throwing off drug-sniffing dogs by coating tires in fox urine. Gross! The formerly straight-laced cop has become a “shaggy-haired militant for the legalization of weed” and he’s giving away all the dirty secrets.

But this is America, and Mr. Cooper is fortunately protected by First Amendment Rights and since he’s not aiding anyone personally in the crime of possession he’s making money without breaking the law. What I can’t get over is the part about the fox urine. If you’re an expensive rims lover, kiss the shininess goodbye! In the extremely rare case that any of our readers want to get a taste of the DVD, click “Read More” below…

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DVD Trailer

False Alerts

Hidden Compartments

Conceal Your Stash

Traffic Stops

Narcotic Detector Dogs

Via: cbsnews , Link: nevergetbusted

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