2008 Subaru Impreza STI Sport Pack

Ok, I have to admit that I nearly fell for this one when I landed on Subaru’s STI page as my first thought was, “God, I stumbled upon the WRX STi”. Seconds later, I noticed the “Sport Parts for Impreza” on the top-left hand of the page and well, my “surprise” expression gave its place to a bitter smile and some inner awkwardness… I guess everyone’s entitled to a mistake here and then.

Anyway, back to reality, STI Performances’ Sport Parts for the 2008 Impreza models include a front spoiler, a skirt lip, 18-inch 12-spoke alloys; various gear knobs, a timer belt, a short-shift kit for the gearbox and a few other goodies. Not much but I’m sure STI will come up with heaps of stuff over the next few months. -More images after the jump

Source: STI

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