2008 Kia Cee'd 3door Hatch Spied

Kia’s European built, designed and engineered C-Segment model will soon welcome a new member in its family, a 3door version which will also base next year’s 225Hp GTi –we don’t know the name yet. Spied here wearing more camo than a Paradoxophyla palmate (a narrow-headed frog native to Madagascar that’s a master of camouflage – don’t blame us, blame the Discovery Channel…), the 3door Cee’d has been designed by Peter Schreyer, the father of Audi’s iconic fist generation TT.

As Kia people pointed out to us last year at the Paris Show, the 3door Cee’d will closely resemble the pro cee’d Concept. Of course, we’ve heard that before so we’re not keeping our hopes up too high. Either way we’ll soon find out since as our Kia insider informed us, the 3door Cee’d will break cover at the Frankfurt Show this September. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below

Pics via: kiaworld

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