Woman Crashes While Taking Driving Lessons

Talking about the 2008 Lancer EVO X’s dual-clutch gearbox in John’s previous post today reminded me of a video that a friend sent to me. I don’t really know if the people in this video are actors or if the scene is taken from some sort of Reality TV Show, but its hysterical!

Actually, it reminds me of the first few times I drove a standard transmission, except my teacher started me out in an empty parking lot the size of two football fields. But this driving instructor and hesitant pupil take it to the road for some driving lessons and have a little fender bender in the process. Apparently, this teacher didn’t have a passenger side break to take advantage of. Things like that come into handy at times like these...

PS: Our readers informed us that this is a Polish and not Russian Video

Posted by Dani

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