Civette: Honda Civic With A Corvette LS1 Drivetrain!

Insane; crazy; audacious; hazardous; call it whatever you want but we’re totally sucked into this conversion that concerns squeezing a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette drivetrain into a… 1996 Honda Civic hatchback! To make a long story short, in order to get his mind off his divorce, this guy decided to spend some time on two written off vehicles that were laying around his garage. Like a modern King Solomon, he decided to cut his babies into two and make something never before seen: a rear-wheel drive Honda Civette V8 LS1. Even though the task seems impossible, he’s determined to complete it without spending a buck.

Undeniably, the most intriguing part of the conversion is the engine that has to be fitted far back. The controversial owner says he used the entire Corvette drivetrain -front suspension, steering, rear suspension minus the subframe. What tops it all is the fact that he’s trying to fit several elements from the Vette’s interior into the Civic’s cabin! Utterly crazy and we love it. We’ll return on this unique project as soon as its finished. Follow the jump for more pictures.

Thanks for the tip Billy!

Via: LS1Tech

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