Binz E-Class Limos & Hearses Available With Mercedes CLS Fascia

Sometime ago –actually, ages in internet years, we showed you the Binz CLS Hearse which was nothing more than an E-Class SW with a CLS fascia and a boot larger than life –knock on wood… Well Binz now announced that it’s bringing the “CLS flavor” to all its E-Class extended-chassis range as an extra cost option which means you can have a 6door E-Class limousine with a CLS front-end. According to the German owned procrustean coachbuilder, the cars fitted with this fascia get front wings manufactured from advanced composites and more importantly, they preserve the base E-Class collision performance characteristics. -Full press release after the jump

BINZ Unveils Coupé de Grace

It’s not enough these days to operate the best engineered cars in the world. They have to look good too. Nowhere is this truer than in the exalted world of the top class European coachbuilders, where luxury saloons are hand-crafted into the 6-door limousines that waft government ministers, top executives, and their entourages from A to B. To cater for this growing awareness of style,.

This new ‘face’ of Binz is so-far only to be made available as an extra cost option on its existing E-Class limousine and hearse line-up. Kevin Smith, sales director of the company explains the thinking behind the : “It really comes down to the saying that your fleet is your best marketing asset, and that means having something that is instantly recognisable. In a sense the E-Class has been the victim of its own success. We are not the only coachbuilder using this platform as a base, and operators are increasingly seeing in the Mercedes-Benz brand a quick way of lifting their businesses onto a different plane.

“Though we can boast a myriad of technical innovations and full manufacturer engineering approval, these are all features that in the main only become apparent to the passenger once they have ridden in a Binz vehicle. So by offering our customers this CLS styling option, they now have yet another way of differentiating their service from that of the competition”.

Far from being a simple cosmetic makeover, Binz had to surmount a number of technical challenges when developing this option. Entirely new wings were required, manufactured not from steel – or even aluminium, the traditional coachbuilder’s medium – but from advanced composites. Care also needed to be taken to preserve the base E-Class collision performance characteristics, as well as ensuring that the curves that are so much of the CLS appeal, were to blend seamlessly into the E-Class’ flanks.

Underneath the skin, the CLS version of Binz’s 6-door limousine retains the magic carpet ride of the company’s ‘standard’ model, with AirMATIC suspension and active ride technology recalibrated in concert with Mercedes-Benz to take into account the vehicle’s increases in wheelbase and kerbweight.

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