Porsche 997 Turbo By SpeedART

While most only dream of owning a 911 Turbo, there are some people out there, that not only have the dough to buy one, but they also have piggy bank money left aside to mess around with it. If you incidentally belong to this category, then Porsche specialist speedART, might just have a solution to satisfy your needs.

SpeedART’s BTR-XL sports pack for the latest incarnation of the 911 Turbo features a full bodykit including carbon-fiber spoiler wing and mirrors, sports suspension and brakes, 20-inch forged CTS alloy wheels, a sport steering wheel, short shifter and sport seats and finally a power kit that lifts output from 480 Hp to 550 Hp. And by the way, wanna know what “BTR-XL” stands for? Bi-Turbo Racer Extra Large; don’t even ask the name of the revised version... -Details and images after the jump

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speedART aero kit typ "BTR-XL" (Bi-Turbo Racer Extra Large) for Porsche 997 Turbo. More down force and an improved aerodynamic:

  • complete front spoiler with additional front chin spoiler, design-fog lights and air outlet grill (carbon or PU)
  • rear spoiler with adjustable spoiler wing and air intakes (air ram system). Spoiler wing in carbon or painted version
  • side skirts
  • rear diffusor
  • 20" forged CTS wheels
  • sport s├║spension
  • sport brakes
  • 550 hp power kit
  • sport exhaust system with sound switch
  • - carbon mirror boxes
  • - sport interieur with sport steering wheel, short shifter and sport seats
  • - etc.

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