2008 BMW M3: Amateur Video From The Marbella Media Presentation

These days Marbella has become the epicentre of M3 fans as BMW has chosen the beautiful seaside city in Andalusia, Spain, to perform the presentation of the 420Hp coupe to journalists. Yes, some guys have all the luck; sunny days, Mediterranean beaches, free food and hotels, beautiful Spanish women, a dozen or so E92 M3s and the chance to take the most desirable bimmer of the year for a spin at the Ascari racetrack, located not far from Marbella in a secluded valley in Ronda.

Thankfully (?), we can get a wisp of what’s going on there as a member of the Spanish forum “BMW Faq” managed to snap a few shots of the M3 along with a 6,5 min long video. Even though the drivers seemed a bit restricted, you can just imagine what’s going to happen at Ascari… I’m depressed right now, I think I’ll just crawl into bed and stay there all day. -Pictures after the jump

Via: Motorpassion , Source: bmwfaq

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