eBay Humor: The Mazda 929 - Ferrari 400i GT Replica

Who said German’s don’t have a sense of humor? While searching on the German eBay we noticed this odd ad bearing the title: “Replika Ferrari 400i GT auf Mazda 929 HB Coupe Replica” along with the image you see above. Obviously, you don’t need a doctorate in Deutsch to make ends meet and see that someone’s trying to sell a Ferrari 400i GT replica based on a Mazda 929 Coupe. Yeah right, you wish! Follow the jump and see the surprise that the seller had in store for us… -Click “Read More…” below

And yes, the Mazda 929 Coupe based Ferrari 400i GT replica was nothing more than a… Mazda 929 Coupe with Ferrari logos - LOL! Apparently, in the eyes of the seller, the two cars were so identical that there was no need for him to do anything more that stick a badge on the hood and presto; a Ferrari replica!

Link: eBay

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