Chrysler / Dodge Crew CUV Concept To Debut At Frankfurt Show

Chrysler Group is planning to unveil a concept version of its forthcoming mid-size CUV, better known in the US as the Chrysler and Dodge crossovers coded JC49 and JZ49 (pic above from AMS), at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. How do we know? Well, according to an off-the-record conversation we had with a Chrysler Group Europe source of ours and even though this hasn’t been officially announced, it’s 99% certain that the American carmaker will debut the MPV/Crossover concept dubbed “Crew” at the German car Show. What our source couldn’t tell us is whether the Crew will wear a Dodge or Chrysler badge –though we’ve heard that the Crew nameplate will be used for the Dodge model. -Continued after the jump

Smaller than the recently introduced Chrysler Town & Country or as Europeans know it, Voyager, the Crew will make use of the Chrysler Sebring / Dodge Avenger platform with production scheduled for January 2008 meaning that the production version will debut either at the L.A. Show in November or at NAIAS in January ’08.

Picture via: Automotorsport

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