Confiscated Booze Used To Created Bio-Fuel In Sweden!

Ever wonder what the cops and customs agents do with all the confiscated drugs and alcohol? I always had a sneaking suspicion that they just using it for their own personal fun, but in Sweden, alcohol that is seized by customs officials are being turned in bio-gas. Customs spokesperson Ingrid Jerlebrink said that ”We used to just pour it down the drain, but because of the increased volumes we had to look around for new solutions.”

The transition process helps to fuel the country’s public transportation system. Last year 184 gallons or 700.000 litres (!) of confiscated booze was transferred into fuel for over 1,000 buses, Lorries and one bio-gas train. The process includes heating the alcohol and turning it into bio-gas. Its good to know the authorities aren’t having crazy booze fests back at the station and they’re using the loot for better causes.

Posted by Dani

Via: Sveriges Radio

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