Video: GPS Mistake Leads Audi A4 To Tram Rails

Here’s another poor soul who fell victim to the preciseness of a GPS system. This time in Milan Italy, an Audi A4 took a “wrong turn” and ended up on tram tracks holding up the line for hours. The driver claimed he was just following directions on his navigation system. Evidently, this is something that happens quite often. A few months back we had posted a story about a woman who followed her GPS into a river and sunk her car. I guess there is no such thing as a bad GPS system, just a bad driver. My dad once drove our rental car onto a tram track on a European vacation a few years back. Instead of making a scene, he just made his way over a 6 inch border surrounding the tracks and destroyed the car. Ces la vie! -Follow the jump for the video

Posted by Dani

Via: 02blog

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