eBay: Cool Go-Kart Replicating A 1939 Hot Rod

It might not look like one, but under those retro bodylines, there’s a Go-Kart hiding and it's equipped with an 8Hp strong Briggs & Stratton engine. The Go-Kart's owner says that the outer-shell is inspired from a 1939 Ford/Chevy Hot Rod. I don’t know why but to me it looks more like something that jumped out of a Batman movie. Either way, if you’re a 10-year-old kid this is one ride that will certainly raise your score in the neighbourhood stock-market. -More pictures after the jump

Sellers Description: You are viewing one of the coolest go cart 1939 roadster replicas you will ever see for sale on ebay. This little cart has been carefully brought to its current great condition with a brand new 8 horse power briggs and stratton motor that was about $800. I am told it will propel this little roadster to over 50 miles per hour.

The paint is a high gloss black enamel that has been colored sanded and buffed out to a better shine than most classic cars ever get and at a cost of over $1,500. The mags are painted steel with brand new multi ply tires and look fantastic as does the brand new upholstered seat with red racing stripes on it to match the custom red pin stripping. This little go cart also has a electronic push button starter and push button stop too… It also has a disc brake, working head lights and tail lights, plexy glass windshield and removable convertible top.

Via: ebay

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