Alfa Romeo 159 GTA Scoop

Here we go again… In this new episode of the Alfa Romeo 159 GTA saga, Swedish magazine AMS obtained two new scoop images of the Italian sports sedan. We won’t start bullshitting you with you with Ferrai/Maserati engine stories etc, because to be honest, and as we’ve previously noted on Carscoop, we have no official or unofficial confirmation that Alfa is actually working on a 159 GTA. For all we know, the Italians could be just testing a new engine.

However, for the sake of conversation, if the car pictured here is a test-bed for an upcoming GTA version of the 159, we think we’ll agree with the guys at AMS who are talking about an upgraded version of Alfa’s 3.2-liter V6 unit pumping out more than 300Hp. Maybe even more as Autodelta has proved with the Alfa 147 GTA AM Super. The latter wears the same 3.2-liter V6 petrol unit, with enlarged capacity to 3.7-liters and an supercharger lifting power to 422Hp.

Pics Via: AMS

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