Nissan 350Z Limited Racing Edition Released

Don’t you just love sports cars in polar white? We certainly do, and if the particular sports car happens to be the recently updated Nissan 350Z with the new 313Hp 3.5-litre V6, its love at first sight. Apart from its exclusive metallic white paintjob, this limited edition 350Z that was launched today by Nissan Germany has a few extra features hidden up its sleeves.

Dubbed “Racing Edition”, this particular “Z” pays tribute to the racing 350Z GT4. It’s equipped with contrasting black colored 19-inch rims in 235/35 (front) and 255/35 (back) Dunlop tires and a fully adjustable Bilstein suspension that enables the user to adjust the vehicle's ride height by adjusting the threaded shock bodies (front) and the threaded rear spring perch (rear). Nissan has also fitted the special edition 350Z with a Cobra muffler. Finally, all cars will bear an interior plaque with the signatures of the Nurburgring drivers Kurt Thiim, Holger Eckhardt, Nicole Lüttecke und Tim Schrick. The base price for the 350Z Limited Racing Edition in Germany is €48.590 or about $66.200.

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