eBay UK: Record Price Paid For Personalized License Plate "CEO 1"

The personalized license plate “CEO 1” has passed into eBay UK’s “Guinness Book of Records” as the most expensive number plate ever sold on the website. Want to know what the winning bidder paid to get the “CEO 1” plate on his car; £154,100 or 227.372 or $311.819!

Commenting on the sale, Jody Ford of said, “It goes to show that people will go to any lengths to get the perfect accessory for their car. However, personalized number plates are not just for the rich and famous. For a few hundred pounds you could buy a one-off registration that gives your car personality and be the envy of all other drivers on the road. With thousands of plates for sale on at any one time, there’s sure to be something available to suit all tastes.”

We say, ok, its one thing paying more than a quarter of a million dollars for a whole car, but to pay $311.819 for a frigging license plate? Either this dude doesn’t know what to do with his money or he has some serious vanity issues… (Picture: Carscoop)

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