Video update: Ford Mustang Coupe-Cabrio by Muskat

Muskat Technology has decided to enlighten us on the Mustang Coupe-Cabrio that we first informed you about last week by releasing several photos and a video showing off the hard-top pony in action. According to the timer on the video, it takes about 36 sec for the two-piece roof to close and about 30 sec to open, but as the company’s founder Peter Muskat stated, the production version will reduce that time to 23 sec.
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As you can see from the video the retractable hardtop slides into a compartment where you’d normally find the rear seats, which according to Muskat, means it doesn’t take up any space from the boot. In case you missed our previous report, Muskat will build the hardtop in Europe, and specifically in Malta. Via: , Source: Imalta

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