Nissan manages 1.024 km / 636 miles with a 225Hp Skyline on one gas tank …

No, this isn’t an early April Fools Day hoax; Nissan actually came out in public and announced that a team of… extra light-footed product development experts managed to cover 1,024.4 kilometers – 636 miles on one gas tank with a 2006 225Hp strong Skyline. The eight test-drivers or rather ninja-riders… who took part experiencing a variety of driving conditions including traffic jams from rush-hour congestion and construction-works had an average fuel consumption of 16.3km-per-liter or 38,3 mpg or 6,1-liters per 100 km. Nissan says: Skyline's V6 engine combines fuel efficiency with high-performance driving. We say: Who needs hybrids and alternative fuels with guys like these… -Continued: Click “Read More…” below to see the press release


- Skyline's V6 engine combines fuel efficiency with high-performance driving -

TOKYO (March 23, 2007) -- Nissan engineers set out to prove a point - that the new Skyline sedan could go 1,000 kilometers on one tank of fuel. The challenge - that this would be accomplished on real roads with unpredictable traffic and weather conditions and with different drivers. The so-called 'eco-driving challenge was conducted by a team of product development experts on the roads from Tochigi to Kanagawa. The 2.5-liter Skyline model driven was powered by the VQ25HR V6 engine, capable of generating 225 horsepower and 26.8kgm of torque.

The team succeeded in covering an impressive distance of 1,024.4 kilometers with an average fuel consumption rate of 16.3km-per-liter. The main objective of the eco-driving challenge was to promote greater awareness of Nissan's advanced fuel-economy technology as well as demonstrate the efficiency of the new VQ engine under real-world driving conditions.

The 1,000km drive took place on Friday, March 16, 2007, with a team of eight test-drivers under the Nissan Performance Innovation Task Team (PITT). The team started the drive from the test course at Nissan's Tochigi Plant at 3:30a.m. under pre-dawn skies. The Skyline drove through the Tohoku Expressway, Tomei Expressway, and Meishin Expressway with Kyoto as the turnaround point, and arrived safely at the finish line at the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi at 8.54p.m., nearly 17.5 hours later on the same day.

The team experienced a variety of driving conditions including traffic jams from rush-hour congestion and construction-works, but the automatic fuel-warning alert never activated throughout the 1000km drive.

Introduced in November, 2006, the new Skyline delivers a unique fusion of high-performance, styling and comfort in an advanced sports sedan. The Nissan Technical Center (Okatsukoku, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture) is Nissan's primary center for research and development in product development and manufacturing technologies.

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