30-year-old charged for threatening Detroit auto-execs!

Things have been heating up with recent debates and talks about auto manufacturers in Detroit lately. Therefore, I guess you could say that we weren’t completely surprised with Patrick William Hufford Jr that was arraigned today on charges after he called into a local newspaper and threatened to kill the chief executives of the U.S. automakers if the situation between the auto industry and unions did not improve by April 1.

Ok buddy, we understand your anger, but was it really worth the possible misdemeanor charges, 6 months in prison and a $1,000 bail? We think not! Whatever happened to good old fashioned pot banging and picketing in front of the Capitol Building and White House? And even though we agree with what one comment stated on the Detroit Free Press website that, “This guys got b**** as big as his man boobs”, he looks pretty harmless to us. Via: Freep

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