2008 Audi S3 Cabrio Rendering

Spring's officially here in the northern hemisphere so it’s no wonder that Adobe’s Photochop is getting a kick with all these cabriolet renderings. This one featuring the top-notch version of the upcoming A3 Cabrio comes to us from German magazine AMS who also predicts that Audi will once again avoid using a retractable hardtop in favor for the classic soft-top. According to AMS, apart from the 265Hp 2.0TFSI that’ll fit the S3 version, the A3 Cabrio will be equipped with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines including VW Group’s upcoming 1.2TSI (1.2-liter turbocharged) that delivers 140Hp and the 2.0TDI in 140Hp & 170Hp guises. It is rumoured that the A3 Cabrio will debut at this year's Frankfurt Show in September. Via: , Source: AMS

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