Mitsuoka Galue Convertible – Yep, it’s based on a Ford Mustang!

Seems like those crazy folks at Mitsuoka where fed up with all those Nissan based, Jaguar look-alike replicas so they decided to take a hit –literally, on the Ford Mustang. The fact that they denied Nissan the privilege of using their cars doesn’t mean of course that they lost their tastes… So here’s what they came up with: a Mustang that looks like “milf” Bentley up front and like a Cadillac Eldorado ETC at the back. Revolting isn’t it? And imagine that in Japan Mitsuoka is asking a hefty 7.770.000 YEN or 65.000 USD for the V8 version and 6.720.000 YEN or 56.300 USD for the V6. Huh! They should be paying people just to be seen in it… -More images after the jump (click “Read More”)

Pics below via: Hobidas

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