Gadgets: Ferrari F1 full- size replica

Though I’m not se keen on the idea of having a 4.5 m or 177-inch long race-car lying around my living-room as the seller suggests, this handmade Ferrari Formula One replica would surprise many of your neighbours if you parked it right outside of your garage. According to the company that sells it, the main body is carved from fibreglass, while the exterior decorations are made from metal, and the tyres are made from rubber –and no, the replica doesn’t have an engine. There’s only one catch and that’s the price which is 11.999 BP or around 23.800 USD / 17.600 EUR. For that kind of money and If you’re not thinking of using it for professional reasons, I really doubt that someone would pay that much cash to decorate his garage… Link: Drinkstuff

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