2008 Novitec Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor Evoluzione

If you know your stuff on Novitec then you’ll have noticed that the magic word here is “Evoluzione” which translates to an addition of 20Hp over the “stock” Novitec Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor’s 636Hp. The German tuner managed to raise output to 656Hp by revising the compressor and updating the engine management system. Funny enough, the Evoluzione still retains the same performance figures as the stock version with 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) coming in 3,7 sec while maximum speed continues to stand at 216mph - 348 km/h. Follow the jump for more pics, specs and an intriguing Video showing off a ranting Novitec Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor sprinting from 0 to 155 mph (250Km/h).


Specs (Translated from German)

Technical data:
Capacity: 4.308 ccm;

Achievement KW/PS: 482/656 with 8.200 rpm
Torque: 662NM with 6.100 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.7 seconds.
Maximum speed: 348 km/h (in the case of changed transmission translation)

NOVITEC Bi-compressor with two Rotrex compressors with separate oil circulation, water-cooled intercoolers, additional injection, changed ECU´s, achievement-optimized high-grade steel exhaust system with 90mm final pipes, changed transmission translation

NOVITEC Brembo brake assembly with 380mm metal brake disks in front and in the back, 6-Kolben-Bremszangen at the front axle and rear axle

KW high-grade steel - thread chassis sport (two-way adjustable), sport stabilizers,
Complete wheel set NF2 Race, front axle 9,0 x 19 tariff with 255/30R19
Pirelli P-Zero Rosso, rear axle 12,5 x 20 tariff with 345/25R20 with Pirelli P-Zero Rosso

Front apron supersport, tail diffuser, tail wing supersport, Schwellerflügel

Carbon engine compartment lining, carbon engine compartment exhaust lattice, tail lamp set in black, side turn signals in black

Complete leather equipment supersport in two-colored Alcantara with sport seats supersport performance, steering wheel supersport, aluminum pedal set with driver and front seat passenger footrest

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