David Beckham’s stolen BMW X5 may be in the hands of FYROM’s Interior Minister!

FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) newspapers are linking David Beckham’s BMW X5 4.8is that was stolen in Madrid last year to the interior minister of the newly created Balkan country, Gordana Jankulovska. The BMW fell into the hands of FYROM government after it was impounded due to the fact that it had been illegally imported into the country from Greece. Though it’s not officially confirmed yet that Jankulovska is actually driving Beckham’s stolen Bimmer, the story has created such a big fuss that the minister gave an interview to BBC where she noted, “This car changed a number of owners before and some of the numbers were changed in an illegal way. It is impossible to have a final confirmation that this is the car". –Continued: Click “Read More…” below

In another interview though, Jankulovska told B92 radio in Belgrade that she would be happy to meet the English soccer player if it turned out that the car belonged to him. Well actually, what she meant to say is that she would be more than happy to meet the world press and get the chance to pose for the central pages of hundreds of gossip magazines…

Via: BBC

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